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At Champion, we enjoy an established record of excellence with our customers. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous. We intend to continue on this path of success with increasing employment opportunities, expanding our facility, and growing in the marketplace with unique and effective equipment and services.

I wanted to let you know that our General Manager came to me today to let me know how great Champion is. You have no idea how RARE it is for our GM to have any praise for a trucking company. So - just passing on a well deserved "kudos" to you and your team for excellent service. I thank my lucky stars when containers come in because I know it's going to be "smooth sailing" with Champion.
From: Annette P Orr   - Transportation Analyst   - Lancaster Leaf Tobacco Co. of PA

"Your cooperation and sense of urgency is unsurpassed with the movement of containers to Albany, NY and Newport News, VA from the vessel Torm Birgette this past week. I truly appreciate the efforts on the part of you and your company to pull off the 'almost impossible' Thursday when we found that South Jersey Port would be closed on Friday, April 14th.. On behalf of Kerr Steamship, our principal Torm Line and the undersigned, Thank You."
From: John G. Snook     - Kerr Steamship Company

Dear Bob, Bill and Ralph, - "On behalf of Trans Ocean and our customer, Lauritzen, we thank you for the service you provided us with during this month. Thanks to your flexibility we were able to respond to our customer's need for 50 refrigerated containers in an extremely short amount of time. In an effort to show our appreciation, our accounts payable staff has done their best to render your dues as quickly as possible. It is our hope that we reciprocate the kind of cooperation that you have given us. Thanks again, we are looking forward to doing business with you in the near future."
From: Scott T. Deguilo     - Trans Ocean Ltd.

"This letter is to recommend the services of Champion Trucking , NJ due to the professional and efficient service that we at Tri-Star Shipping have received. Tri-Star Shipping runs military cargo on the ship 'Rainbow Hope' from Norfolk, VA to the Azores. Cargo comes from locations from Charleston, SC to Dayville, CT. We are on a very tight schedule, due to the fact that the ship must turn-around cargo in a 25 day period. Champion Trucking has gone 'beyond the call of duty' on many occasions, which enabled Tri-Star Shipping to not only hold to schedule, but to ship more cargo to the Azores. Whenever I get in a tough situation Champion Trucking can always be counted on to pull off what seems to be 'the impossible'. One such incident occurred when Champion turned around 22 containers in a three (3) day period, picking up containers from many locations along the east coast (Bayonne, NJ to Norfolk area) and having the containers in Norfolk by 10 am the morning the ship arrived. We could always count on Champion to be loyal to the finish and 'get the job done'. Therefore, I highly recommend Champion Trucking as being one of 'the most dependable' and professional trucking companies that Tri-Star Shipping has dealt with and would recommend their services to anyone who has the need for GETTING THE JOB DONE! "
From: Charlotte B. Miceli   - Line Manager   - Azores


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